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Heineken® celebrates real fans at the UWCL Final

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Heineken® challenges the gender bias ‘football is just for men’ by showing the real face of women’s fan culture at the UWCL Final.

Cheers To You

As part of the ‘Cheers To All Fans’ campaign, Heineken® is launching Cheers To You, which celebrates the diversity and passion of women's football fan culture. The activation aims to challenge the gender bias that ‘football is just for men’ by showcasing real fans of all genders from UWCL finalists FC Barcelona Femení and Vfl Wolfsburg Women.

Nothing to prove, all to celebrate

In the past decades, women’s football has been one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, attracting fans of all ages and genders. With the mantra ‘Nothing to prove, all to celebrate’, Heineken® challenges the existing gender bias by showing how diverse and passionate women’s football fan culture is today.

Spark the conversation

The campaign showcased 16 large billboards in the centre of the city, each featuring a real football fan and a personalised headline. To authentically capture the excitement and passion for their team, each fan was photographed during the semi-finals. The witty headlines accompanying the visuals on the billboards are designed to challenge stereotypes and spark conversation about the role of women in football.

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