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Just Eat Takeaway feeds Women's Football

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    Just Eat Takeaway

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    Concept, Video, Social

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Official UEFA partner Just Eat Takeaway push to grow women’s football by sponsoring amateur clubs through local restaurants.

Brand legacy in Women's football

JET was looking to create a long-term brand legacy in the world of Women’s grassroots football. In the Netherlands, JET (Thuisbezorgd) will select local restaurant partners to support amateur Women’s football clubs to encourage girls and women to pick up their boots, go out and play their hearts out.

Feed the Game

Women's football has stepped up to the plate. But to truly reach its full potential, it still needs feeding. Not with empty promises and tokenistic gestures. But with something of real substance. That's why Just Eat Takeaway sets up local sponsorships between restaurants and grassroots clubs, to truly harness the power of community and accelerate growth through funding.

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