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ABN AMRO: 30 years our bank

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True partners

ABN AMRO and Ajax reached their 30th anniversary in 2021. ABN AMRO started the partnership as the main sponsor of the club, but always knew how to evolve its activities. After 20 years as the main sponsor, ABN AMRO extended its activities to the well-known youth academy ‘De Toekomst’. Currently, ABN AMRO is the main sponsor of the Ajax Women, the academy for girls in football and official partner of the Ajax Foundation. A partnership to be proud of. That is why Ajax and ABN AMRO wanted to celebrate their 30th anniversary big.

The bank

ABN AMRO started its sponsorship with a now-legendary campaign. They placed the Ajax squad on a huge sofa. With bank also being the Dutch word for sofa, a connection was made. The bank was filled with players that showed talent, confidence and ambition. A class that made all of footballing Europe jealous. They later showed why. Ajax has had successful years since then, in which they also won the Champions League in 1995.

30 years later

Now - 30 years later - we go back to the bank where it all started. A bank that served multiple generations. That bank became a bank of infinite length. A symbol for an endless partnership.

On the bank we’ve placed legends from all generations; Ajax1, the youth academy and the Ajax Women. The bank became the vehicle for a storytelling film and social media post, in which we told the timeless story of the partnership between ABN AMRO and Ajax. A story about 30 years of successfully seizing opportunities to be successful and fight for equal rights. And the beauty of it? We’ve only just started.

The Bank became Our Bank.




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