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Ziggo Sport: De Partij van het Jaar

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Ziggo Sport joins election battle with ‘de Partij van het Jaar’ campaign.

Party leader Sierd de Vos calls upon the people to tune in on Sunday and watch the ‘Partij van het Jaar’: El Clásico.

All the while the election battle is fully on in The Netherlands, the football loving world is looking forward to the La Liga-clash between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid on Sunday evening. "El Clásico is the biggest game of the year", says Ziggo Sport-commentator Sierd de Vos. ‘’To make sure lots of people tune in, a national campaign is being launched for the ‘Partij van het Jaar’. We do this as a wink to the Provincial council elections.’’

  • Note: The Dutch word 'Partij' means Party, for example as in political party. But 'Partij' is also used to describe a (football) match/clash.

Election posters

For those who paid close attention this morning, many election posters of ‘the Partij van het Jaar’ were seen on several locations throughout the Netherlands. Party leader Sierd's stature and image blends in seamlessly in between the ‘stately’ posters of the other (election) parties such as the Partij van de Arbeid, SP and CDA.

Campaign overview

The campaign was introduced Monday evening during the television show Rondo, followed by the launch of the official campaign video on the Ziggo sport television and social channels. This afternoon party leader Sierd de Vos, together with his campaign team, will visit downtown Utrecht to get the locals in the right mood. Adding to that, the facade of the Ziggo Dome and the big led-screen on the Stationsplein at shopping mall Hoog Catharijne will also be centered around “de Partij van het Jaar’.


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