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KWF Dutch Cancer Society & Esports

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Impactful PR campaign to stop online swearing with cancer

KWF Dutch Cancer Society is a nation-wide organization for cancer related work in the Netherlands. Despite the fact the cancer is among the most common causes of death, it’s also by far the most common Dutch medical curses, both offline and online.

Collaboration with known Dutch YouTubers

KWF teamed up with Dutch YouTubers to make a statement and raise awareness for the fact that swearing with cancer hurts people. These influencers regularly saw cancer as a swear word on their social media channels and wanted to change that. People who joined the movement, received tools to speak out it when it happens again in their environment.


To broaden the influence of the campaign, #TegenKK was introduced to FIFA 21. In collaboration with the esports team Bundled, a special kit was released which proudly showed the #TegenKK logo. From now on everyone can play with their favorite players while showing their support for the campaign. To bring awareness to this new kit, Bundled and Creators FC, two influencer football teams, played a press-covered charity match wearing both the #TegenKK kit and the also newly released badge.




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